How To Sound Like Jason Isbell on a Budget

Dollars and Sense

Jason Isbell is a country musician that makes good ol’ downhome country music. He is a good player and singer and makes great songs that many people love. His unique guitar tone is great, but how can you try to sound like him without breaking the bank?

Guitars First

Before getting into pedals, let’s talk about guitars. If you don’t love your guitar and amp to begin with, pedals won’t help. And to sound like Jason we are going to want to talk about some of the guitars he uses. Including the First Act Custom Delgada, the Martin D-18 and the Fender Custom Shop Telecaster, these are very expensive guitars that will cost alot of money to get them. So how can you sound like him without buying a really expensive guitar?

Guitars all sound the same

The secret is, while some of Jason’s guitars may look cool, that’s all they are doing. All guitars are the same so you don’t need an expensive one, you’re just paying for the cool look.  So we recommend a budget model. Try this Best Choice Starter Guitar


which sells for $39 on


Get the Amp

Next to sound like JAson you need to get the Amp. There are many cool amps but they cost so much money. Get the cheapest one available online. I reccomend the Danelectro Honeytone to sound like Jason, because it’s $18 and it looks like Country style like something Jason Isbell would play on with its lettering.



Jason used many many pedals to get the country sound from his instrument but they were all too expnesive to play like him on a budget. so Just use the guitar and amp combo that i Reccomended and you will be off to a good start to sound like Jason Isbell in no time!

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