How to Use Guitar Gear and Pedals to Sound Like Frank Zappa…on the Cheap

Rock God who died

Frank Zappa was a iconic rock guitar player who was also composer and made many albums while he was alive.
He died a while back but his legacy lives on through many people still liking the music he made when he was alive. He made very weird music that many people liked, but there were also people who didn’t like it..and some who loved it.
He used a wide level of many expensive pieces of gear that cost alot of money but we will show you how to get the F. Zappa sound on a cheaper budget than that.

Start with a Guitar

Frank Zappa played an electric guitar, and he played many different kinds, such as a Fender Stratocaster and a Gibson SG. These are very expensive guitars which are too much money for the beginner trying to learn how to play like him. The secret is that all electric guitars sound exactly the same! The difference is just in the way they look! So start with a cheap guitar if you want to sound like Frank Zappa. WE reccomend the Davison Vintage Sunburst Guitar, which runs for $54.95 at AmAzon and looks like something that Frank ZAppa would possibly use to achieve his special sounds.

Amp is Important

Another key way to sound like Frank Zappa is to play through an Amp. It can be a cheap one if you are on a budget, or a more expensive one if you have more money to spend on it. If you pay more it will probably sound louder, which can be good if you want to be as loud as Frank Zappa was at a concert, but bad if you would wake up the niehgbors. What about this Roland Jazz Chorus Amp that sounds really cool. Mr. Zappa would maybe use the amp if he was alive and could use it. For $599 it could be a good amp to use if you have that much money.

Pedals, Pedals, Pedals and More Pedals

Zappa was known as an innovator of Musical Sounds and used different effects and pedals throughout his long career. Some of the pedals in his arsenal of pedals included Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Fuzz pedals, Wah-Wah pedals (according to his autobiography Mr. Zappa was the one that showed the Wah Wah pedal to Jimi Hendrix, who used it on albums and live). Mr Zappa also used Flangers, Phasers and many other cool and interesting pedals that made his rock guitar tone sound out of this world and very, very interesting and good. Because he used so many pedals the best way to sound like him would be to get your hands on a good cheap multi-effect pedal.  For around $50 you can get the Digitech RP-pedal that has different sounds in the box that can make you sound a lot more like Frank Zappa did when he was alive. It’s definitely a good one because it has different sounds in the box.



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