Sheryl Crow’s PedalBoard

What does Sheryl Crow have on her PedalBoard?

Since becoming a pedal enthusiast and expert about pedals, one thing tons of people are always asking is, what does Sheryl Crow have on her pedalboard? Which pedals are there?
Doing some internet research has been invaluable in discovering what she has on her pedalboard. I used to search for what she had on her pedalboard. The results of that google search may surprise you!


What were the results of that Google search?

Firstly I checked out the Equipboard site, which indicated the Sheryl Crow plays many, many different guitars. But it lists that she has 0 pedals. This was a very shocking discovery because I thought she would use some. And many people had already asked about what kind of pedals she was using, so I did want to find out which ones she used. But this website said 0. SO then I clicked on a YouTube video entitled Rick Purcell, Sheryl Crow’s Guitar Tech: A typical day with Sheryl’s gear which you can see it right here:

As you can see, in the frame there are the pedals that Sheryl Crow used! So that’s the answer to which ones she uses on her pedalboard!

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