The Rigveda

For the past several years I’ve been obsessing over the ideal Guitar Rig. What’s best? A Fender Vibrolux? An Orange Amp? Or a good ol’ Marshall Half Stack? Should I be running 2 pedalboards in a stereo configuration?

Which pedals should I use to achieve my ideal tone??!

I’ve scoured the forums and YouTube videos trying to find answers, and spent a fortune along the way. A man’s Rig is very important!

I recently saw a book for sale on called the Rigveda, which I thought was about Guitar Rigs.

I was wrong! It’s actually a book of very cool Vedic Hymns. I was dissapointed that it wasn’t about guitar rigs, but very pleased to find out so much information about Hinduism and some of the cool Hymns that they used!

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