Achieve Ryan Adams’ Tone (on the Cheap) with Guitars and Pedals

King of the Country Rock Tone

Since his breakout in early 2000s Ryan Adams has been Country-Rock’s pretty boy with an even prettier and great guitar tone. From writing his own country songs to performing songs by Taylor Swift, Ryan Adams has been an iconoclastic voice in the world of rock and music for some time now. Sporting his signature denim jacket with pins, Ryan Adams’ has a guitar tone that is very cool, but how can you achieve that tone at home? Read on to find out!

Guitar God

From acoustic slow songs to electric guitar fast songs, Ryan Adams’s distinctive sound can be heard throughout both of those types of guitars. He uses a plethora of axes, including the Gibson SG pictured above all the way through a Fender Strat and a Fedner Tele. But in order to achieve his tone at home you don’t have to break the bank on a $2000 vintage guitar. The truth is that all guitars sound pretty much the same, you are paying extra for the packaging and the look. You can buy the Davison Brown Guitar with Amp combo in order to play guitar and it will cost you under $70! It also includes an amp!

Using Pedals to get the Ryan Adams’s tone

Luckily there’s no need to search far and wide for different pedals to sound like Ryan Adams because a company just put out a pedal that makes the Ryan Adams sound. The name of the pedal is called VCR which stands for Volume, Chorus, Reverb. It even says Ryan Adams’s name on the pedal too! The volume controls the loudness level of the guitar. Chorus is a effect that makes the guitar sound like the 80s sound of guitar and reverb makes it sound like its in a space. This is the three effects that Ryan Adams used to achieve his tone but in one box now. So you don’t need to go the Guitar Center and buy a bunch of different pedals, just buy this one pedal and you will sound just like him. It’s a country-rock pedal.


Sounding like Ryan Adams, who makes great country songs, is not an easy task. BUt now using this gear and equipment your life just got a whole lot easier.

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