A Gear House Is Not A Gear Home

Making a gear house into a gear home should be on the top of the to do list for any aspiring musician. In order to do this, we’ll need to create a safe and friendly space for our gear to live. With guitars, you’ll need to put them in a protective bag or case to bring them around when you want to show your friends or take them down the road to play a piece of music. People always ask, how do I make a transportable home for my guitar? Well, there are a few options. For those starting out the best option is a gig bag. Usually a gig bag has straps so you can wear it over your back like a backpack. This is a ideal for short trips to the coffee shop, deli, or other restaurant. You put it over your back and go without any muss or fuss about having to use your hands to carry it. On the other hand, these cases are soft and don’t protect well from the outside world. If you want to do this you’ll need a hard shell case. A hard shell case is best for those rugged tour worn musicians who move distances longer than to the coffee shop, deli, or other restaurant. You can throw a hard case around a tour van or when loading into a large rock venue and the guitar is safe inside because of the foam on the interior and a hard plastic material on the outside. The hard plastic can absorb shock and makes a guitar last a lot longer because it isn’t exposed directly to the elements like heat, light, or water. These pieces of gear are the unsung heroes of any rock concept because the musician would never have had the chance to play a cool rock riff if the guitar wasn’t able to travel with the musician. Imagine if you have to carry your guitar out in the open at all times – heavens no that would not be ideal – someone could spill a Diet Coke on it or even worse it could be thefted. So cheers to you gig bag and hardshell case for being another unsung hero in the gear family.

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