How to Sound Like Ween (On a Budget)

Welcome to Planet Ween

The Ween guys, Gene and Dean Ween, have been making rock music for a long time. Everything from slow songs to fast songs, Ween has run the gamut of rock sounds in their music. But how can you sound like them at home (or on stage) when you are playing the music? This guide will show you how to do that on a budget.


Ween is a rock band so they used many very cool and hard rock guitars. Dean Ween plays a red stratocaster guitar and Gene ween plays a orange Les Paul guitar. These are very cool guitars that make really cool music but unfortunately they cost a pretty penny of over $600 each. Luckily guitars all sound the same, and the only difference is in the look. SO why not go for something a little more affordable, such as a Red Davison guitar from Amazon?


It’s red so it looks very similar to Dean Ween’s guitar and very soon after you will be able to play rock music in a similar style to the way he plays songs such as The Grobe and Buckingham Green. And for under $100 who can beat that price. It also includes a little amp which you could use, possibly.



When Gene ween and Dean ween are playing live in big rock venus such as at Red Rocks in Coloardo they are using very very big amps to fill the sound of that big mountain space. It’s a very large space so the amps must be big and loud. You could buy a big Marshall amp for alot of money, but then it wuold be expensive, so it would be better to buy something cheaper. Why not try this Mugig Headphone Amplifier? It’s advertised as a heavy metal oriented device, so simply plug your headphones in there (after you plug it to your guitar) and listen to yourself playing all the classic Ween riffs and sounds.

The nice thing too is that it’s headphone, so it wont be too loud and wake other people up, while you are playing Ween music. If it’s not loud enough, you can use a computer speaker instead of a headphone to play the guitar through with heavy metal tones.

The Pedals of Ween

Ween is known for using many strange and cool sounds on their albums. From soft songs to hard weird ones, they have every kind of sound imagineable. On the Mister Would YOu PLease Help My pOny song there is a high sounding guitar and on You Fucked up there’s a hard heavy metal sounding guitar. You need different pedals to achieve those different sounds, and alot of them are needed. However, with more technology it’s not needed to have so many different pedals.

Dean Ween spoke of the pedals he had here in this video?:

He was using a wah wah pedal from jim dunlop, mxr phase 90 pedal and carbon copy delay pedal. All very cool pedals, but you could spend thousands and thousands of dollars on those pedals alone to achieve the Ween sound and that could really  break the bank and cost lots of your money.

The more budgeting friendly way to find Ween’s sound is to use this Zoom G1X pedal. It contains many sounds right there in the Box, all of which will help you to sound more like Ween and it costs less than $100

Who knows, maybe Ween even uses (or used) this box, but probably they didn’t, although their sounds are in there.

It’s not easy to sound like Ween, but this tutorial wil make sounding like Ween alot easier.

How to Get Adrian Belew’s tone on a budget

Kind of Belew

Adrian Belew is a rock legend because he is a killer guitarist that has played on many of the classic albums that rock stars made, such as David Bowie, Frank Zappa, Talking Head, King Crimsons, Laurie Anderson and many other ones. He also he had a solo song that had Elephant in the title.


Belew is a guitar god so you need to get the right guitar for the job of achieving Adrian Belew’s tone. Mr. Belew uses many guitars including a Fender Stratocaster along with other ones, however these are very expensive. While they may look cool, the fact is that all guitars do sound the same, despite their looks. So why not start with something a little more affordable, such as the Davison Black Guitar?

For $70 it’s a great price and includes a little mini amp that will get you on your way to achieving the sounds that Adrian Belew achieved. WHy spend up to $500 on a fancy guitar when you can get the same sound for $70 on Amazon?


From Marshall amps to Orange ones, many big amps were used on the stages of rock musicians in the 70s that Mr Belew played with including Frank Zappa and Bowie. However, you don’t need to buy one, because the Davison guitar comes with a little one. If you learn to play as good as Adrian, the band that hires you will provide the bigger amp for playing the rock venues, so no need to worry about it now.




Adrian Belew made many weird and strange sounds using pedals. From little ones to big ones, Adrian Belew has used them all to achieve the rock tone that he desired on his pedalboard. But where can you start when attempting to achieve those tones on your guitar? Because Adrian is a rock musician it would be good to use a rock pedal. We reccomend the Boss DS-1 Distortion. Distortion is the rock sound, when it sounds loud and dirty on the guitar. So to sound like Adrian Belew you should get that one.


Sounding alot like Adiran Belew on guitar is not an easy task, but with this simple guide on how to do it, it just got a whole lot easier to sound like him.



How to Sound like Todd Rundgren on Guitar (On a Small Budget)

Rock Star with Killer Tone

Todd Rundgren is a classic rock legend that has achieved a level of greatness that many other have not achieved. He makes so many music and albums that sometimes it’s hard to believe. He makes it look easy. But the fact is, it’s not easy to sound like Todd. From his debut albums with the Runt band to his albums of today, such as the White Knight Album he made, Todd is a legendary force of music that cannot be stopped.¬† But how can you sound like him on a guitar? Here are some tips as to how you can do that.

Get a Guitar

The first step to sounding like TOdd is to get a guitar that sounds good, like his ones do. The fact is, Todd also plays piano and many many other instruments so you could get those too. But if you want to achieve the unique guitar tone he has, get the guitar. We reccomend something affordable and a good price, such as the White Gibson Flying V which sells on Amazon for just under $1200. This is not so much money to sound great, like Todd Rundgren does.

It’s a very cool looking guitar for making Rock music, so this is a good choice for that. AS stated above, $1200 is a very big amount of money to some, but if you have alot of money, it’s really not that much, making this a very affordable piece of gear.


When Todd was making his music, it was LOUD, especially when he played it in a big venue. It was also loud when he made Bat out of Hell with Meatloaf and the album he did with XTC was loud too, especially when the speakers were cranked up to the loudest levels in my car. Rock is a loud genre of music so acheiving the correct Todd RUndgren tone means having a very big loud amp to pump up the volume and get to the rock levels.

We reccomend the big Orange amp. It is called an Orange amp because that’s the name of the company, but also the amp itself is Orange.

It costs about $700.

It’s a very loud and cool amp to achieve Todd Rundgren style of sound.

A Pedal A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

To achieve many different sounds, one way you could do that is by using guitar pedals, many of which Todd Rundgren used and continues to use today. As a rock myusician, pedals are a key component of making rock sounds. Hard rock pedals would be best, such as a Metal Muff from Electro Harmonix or a Big Muff from Electro Harmonix.

If you add up the prices of this gear, it adds to about mroe than $2000, which is a very cheap price to sound like TOdd.

Sounding like Todd is not easy, but now with this guide it just got a whole lot easier.

How to get your Guitar to sound like Mac Demarco (on a Budget)

Big Mac

Mac Demarco has come on the scene as one of the best songwriters out there. With very good sounding guitar riffs and songs, he has made alot of fans because of his talent and good-natured music that is very friendly and accepting. But how did he achieve the guitar tone that he achieved? If you want your Guitar tone to sound like Mac Demarco Guitar TOne, read the rest of this article.


When Mac DeMarco plays on his guitar it sounds like the playing style that he has, which is no acciednt. The reason is because he has his own style of playing that you can achieve too, if your equipment is correct. He plays on a guitar with the whammy bar to make the sound go up and down, so the important part is to get a guitar that has that bar on there. It’s a tool that some of the best guitars out there offer..but also offered by ones on a budget. The fact of the matter is that most if not all guitars do sound the same, so you should start on a budget model, such as this, the Davison Red Guitar, which also comes with an amp so you can amplify the sound coming from out of the guitar. For Less than $100 how can you say no to a guitar that looks cool and is basically the Mac Demarco’s sound inside of a box?

While the Davison guitar doesn’t include or come with a whammy bar, it’s a good guitar to get started on and later just get one that has a whammy bar on there so you can sound more like Mac Demarco. With this one you can sound like him a little bit but not all the way there.

Amplify the Guitar Sound with a Amp

You can go buy an expensive Amp such as an Orange Amp or another one but the fact is the Davison Red Guitar comes with a cool little amp so you don’t need to buy another one.

Pedal to the Metal

Another way to sound like the Mac Demarco tone is with pedals. Many people have talked about his use of chorus and vibrato but they are the tools that make his music sound not great, so we reccomend not to use them. If you need to just plug the guitar in and utilize the chorus effect available on a program such as GarageBand. Another tip: Chorus is actually the sound of two of the same thing at once played a little different away from the other one. So what this means is you can get 2 Davison guitars and give one to your friend and you can both play same thing at same time to acheive Mac DemArco tones.

Soundling Mac Demarco is not easy, but with these tips sounding like him just got a whole lot easier!