How to Get Adrian Belew’s tone on a budget

Kind of Belew

Adrian Belew is a rock legend because he is a killer guitarist that has played on many of the classic albums that rock stars made, such as David Bowie, Frank Zappa, Talking Head, King Crimsons, Laurie Anderson and many other ones. He also he had a solo song that had Elephant in the title.


Belew is a guitar god so you need to get the right guitar for the job of achieving Adrian Belew’s tone. Mr. Belew uses many guitars including a Fender Stratocaster along with other ones, however these are very expensive. While they may look cool, the fact is that all guitars do sound the same, despite their looks. So why not start with something a little more affordable, such as the Davison Black Guitar?

For $70 it’s a great price and includes a little mini amp that will get you on your way to achieving the sounds that Adrian Belew achieved. WHy spend up to $500 on a fancy guitar when you can get the same sound for $70 on Amazon?


From Marshall amps to Orange ones, many big amps were used on the stages of rock musicians in the 70s that Mr Belew played with including Frank Zappa and Bowie. However, you don’t need to buy one, because the Davison guitar comes with a little one. If you learn to play as good as Adrian, the band that hires you will provide the bigger amp for playing the rock venues, so no need to worry about it now.




Adrian Belew made many weird and strange sounds using pedals. From little ones to big ones, Adrian Belew has used them all to achieve the rock tone that he desired on his pedalboard. But where can you start when attempting to achieve those tones on your guitar? Because Adrian is a rock musician it would be good to use a rock pedal. We reccomend the Boss DS-1 Distortion. Distortion is the rock sound, when it sounds loud and dirty on the guitar. So to sound like Adrian Belew you should get that one.


Sounding alot like Adiran Belew on guitar is not an easy task, but with this simple guide on how to do it, it just got a whole lot easier to sound like him.



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