How to Sound like Todd Rundgren on Guitar (On a Small Budget)

Rock Star with Killer Tone

Todd Rundgren is a classic rock legend that has achieved a level of greatness that many other have not achieved. He makes so many music and albums that sometimes it’s hard to believe. He makes it look easy. But the fact is, it’s not easy to sound like Todd. From his debut albums with the Runt band to his albums of today, such as the White Knight Album he made, Todd is a legendary force of music that cannot be stopped.  But how can you sound like him on a guitar? Here are some tips as to how you can do that.

Get a Guitar

The first step to sounding like TOdd is to get a guitar that sounds good, like his ones do. The fact is, Todd also plays piano and many many other instruments so you could get those too. But if you want to achieve the unique guitar tone he has, get the guitar. We reccomend something affordable and a good price, such as the White Gibson Flying V which sells on Amazon for just under $1200. This is not so much money to sound great, like Todd Rundgren does.

It’s a very cool looking guitar for making Rock music, so this is a good choice for that. AS stated above, $1200 is a very big amount of money to some, but if you have alot of money, it’s really not that much, making this a very affordable piece of gear.


When Todd was making his music, it was LOUD, especially when he played it in a big venue. It was also loud when he made Bat out of Hell with Meatloaf and the album he did with XTC was loud too, especially when the speakers were cranked up to the loudest levels in my car. Rock is a loud genre of music so acheiving the correct Todd RUndgren tone means having a very big loud amp to pump up the volume and get to the rock levels.

We reccomend the big Orange amp. It is called an Orange amp because that’s the name of the company, but also the amp itself is Orange.

It costs about $700.

It’s a very loud and cool amp to achieve Todd Rundgren style of sound.

A Pedal A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

To achieve many different sounds, one way you could do that is by using guitar pedals, many of which Todd Rundgren used and continues to use today. As a rock myusician, pedals are a key component of making rock sounds. Hard rock pedals would be best, such as a Metal Muff from Electro Harmonix or a Big Muff from Electro Harmonix.

If you add up the prices of this gear, it adds to about mroe than $2000, which is a very cheap price to sound like TOdd.

Sounding like Todd is not easy, but now with this guide it just got a whole lot easier.

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