How to Sound Like Ween (On a Budget)

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The Ween guys, Gene and Dean Ween, have been making rock music for a long time. Everything from slow songs to fast songs, Ween has run the gamut of rock sounds in their music. But how can you sound like them at home (or on stage) when you are playing the music? This guide will show you how to do that on a budget.


Ween is a rock band so they used many very cool and hard rock guitars. Dean Ween plays a red stratocaster guitar and Gene ween plays a orange Les Paul guitar. These are very cool guitars that make really cool music but unfortunately they cost a pretty penny of over $600 each. Luckily guitars all sound the same, and the only difference is in the look. SO why not go for something a little more affordable, such as a Red Davison guitar from Amazon?


It’s red so it looks very similar to Dean Ween’s guitar and very soon after you will be able to play rock music in a similar style to the way he plays songs such as The Grobe and Buckingham Green. And for under $100 who can beat that price. It also includes a little amp which you could use, possibly.



When Gene ween and Dean ween are playing live in big rock venus such as at Red Rocks in Coloardo they are using very very big amps to fill the sound of that big mountain space. It’s a very large space so the amps must be big and loud. You could buy a big Marshall amp for alot of money, but then it wuold be expensive, so it would be better to buy something cheaper. Why not try this Mugig Headphone Amplifier? It’s advertised as a heavy metal oriented device, so simply plug your headphones in there (after you plug it to your guitar) and listen to yourself playing all the classic Ween riffs and sounds.

The nice thing too is that it’s headphone, so it wont be too loud and wake other people up, while you are playing Ween music. If it’s not loud enough, you can use a computer speaker instead of a headphone to play the guitar through with heavy metal tones.

The Pedals of Ween

Ween is known for using many strange and cool sounds on their albums. From soft songs to hard weird ones, they have every kind of sound imagineable. On the Mister Would YOu PLease Help My pOny song there is a high sounding guitar and on You Fucked up there’s a hard heavy metal sounding guitar. You need different pedals to achieve those different sounds, and alot of them are needed. However, with more technology it’s not needed to have so many different pedals.

Dean Ween spoke of the pedals he had here in this video?:

He was using a wah wah pedal from jim dunlop, mxr phase 90 pedal and carbon copy delay pedal. All very cool pedals, but you could spend thousands and thousands of dollars on those pedals alone to achieve the Ween sound and that could really  break the bank and cost lots of your money.

The more budgeting friendly way to find Ween’s sound is to use this Zoom G1X pedal. It contains many sounds right there in the Box, all of which will help you to sound more like Ween and it costs less than $100

Who knows, maybe Ween even uses (or used) this box, but probably they didn’t, although their sounds are in there.

It’s not easy to sound like Ween, but this tutorial wil make sounding like Ween alot easier.

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