Sound Like King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard using Guitars and Pedals (on a budget)

The King & I

When I first heard King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, the Australian rock band, I thought their tone was very good sounding. They were making cool interesting rock music that sounded good to my ears. But how can you achieve the same rock tones that they had in their music without breaking the bank? Rock instruments and pedals are expensive so this is a good as to how you can sound like them without spending too much money.

Guitar Gods

When you first hear the band you realize that theyre music is very LOUD rock. So the first step to sounding like King Gizzard is to get a electirc guitar. While most guitars can be very pricey there are some very nice affordable options on the market. The fact is that all guitars sound the same and the main differences are cosmetic, so we recommend the Davison Blue Guitar. As you can see in the above picture, Stu Mackenzie is playing a Blue guitar, so it will match his quite nicely. And for just under $70, who can argue that this isn’t a great rock instrument.


Sleepaway Amp

You will want to get a very loud rock amp to match the rock sounds that King Gizzard makes. Band members such as Cook Craig and Joey Walker play very very loudly so you will want to match their sounds. A good loud amp is a key to sounding loud on stage in a rock venue in Australia or America and elsewhere.  The music genre of their sound is psychedelic, or psych-rock so you know that’s a loud genre. WE recommend buying a Orange Amplifiers CS50 Custom Shop 50W Tube Guitar Head Orange. While it costs under $3000 (which is a bargain), that price may be a little too high for some people. But with the money you save from buying the Davison guitar you can definitely afford this awesome Orange amp, which is also a Orange color too. BEcause they are a hip psych rock band, the King Gizzard boys probably love the visual style of this cool amp.



One key to sounding like King Gizzard & the LIzard Wizard, along with a key to sounding like many other rock artists of today and yesterday, is to get your hand on some sweet pedals. You could own many of them, which would create a very heavy pedalboard that is hard to carry, so we recommend getting a all-in-one unit to achieve the King Gizzard sounds. A good option is the Electro-Harmonix Stereo Polychorus. FOr $199 it does various sounds including Chorus & Flanger. It has multiple sounds in the box, which is all you will need to sound like King Gizzard. Chorus is a very psychedelic sound, so it will instantly have the feeling of being a heavily trippy sounding guitar!


Essential Extras

Don’t forget a wall holder to hold your Davison Guitar once you buy it! Many peopel forget these. If not the guitar will fall down when you put it on the wall.

In Conclusion

Sounding like King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard is not an easy task, however using this guide it just got a whole lot easier to sound like them.w

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