Using Music Gear to sound like Grimes (on a budget)

It was the best of Grimes, it was the worst of….

Times, because the money ran out and there wasn’t enough stored away to buy gear so that you could record music in the style of Grimes. But luckily there are money budget brands on the market to get something just as good if not better than what you could have gotten with more expensive equipment. Grimes is an excellent musical artist so to get started sounding like her you will need some gear.



Grimes uses many synth sounds on her pop sounding experimental songs so the first thing you need to do is a pickup a good quality yet low priced keyboard.

We reccomend this excellent one,  the  Our 54 Keys Electronic Keyboard which has many sounds in the box and even comes with a microphone so you don’t have to purchase that part. All for under $30, who can beat that deal? The description from the manufacturer is very enticing as well. “This Is Our 54 Keys Electronic Keyboard Which Is Perfect For Stimulating Your Child’s Imagination. Comes With A Learning Function That Can Be Used For Kids Of All Ages, This Keyboard Is Definitely The Best Gift For Your Children. Don’t Hesitate To Bring It Home!”

This keyboard is the gold standard in affordable sounds to produce Grimes-style music. Featuring some of the most Grimes-like patches such as Bell, Flute and Organ, this keyboard will have you sounding like Grimes in no time. Not to mention the high quality mic that’s included.


Grimes is known as an electronics artist, but you can definitely use a guitar to achieve a Grimes sound if you know what you are doing and learn how to play it well. You don’t need a Fender Stratocaster or a Gibson Les Paul. We reccomend the Davison Black Guitar.


Affordable? Check

Great sounding piece of gear? Check

Makes you sound like Grimes? Check

This Davison guitar is the perfect jumpstart to get you sounding like Grimes. On her Art Angels album, the lead single “Flesh Without Blood” featured very hard rocking guitars. This Davison gutiar will help you to acheive those Grimes like tone.

In Conclusion

Sounding liek a great artist such as Grimes is not easy but it just got a whole lot easier to sound like Grimes.

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