How to Sound like Tame Impala on guitar (on a budget)

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So you want to sound like Tame Impala and get the Kevin Parker type of sound on guitar such as heard on their Currents album? But scared about how expensive it is to get all the right guitars and pedals to sound like the Psych Rock sound that they have? Don’t worry about that anymore. It can be done on a reasonable budget with great results. Read on to find more.

Guitars make it happen

In order to sound like Tame Impala of course you need a electric guitar. They are a rock band afterall. BUt guitars can be quite expensive. Kevin Parker uses a Rickenbacker 335, a Fender Stratocaster and a Casio DG-20 Digital Guitar. All of these guitars will cost a small fortune and for the player looking to save some money they are not good options. Since all guitars sound the same and their differences are purely cosmetic, why not try out the Davison Red Guitar. Some of Kevin Parker’s guitars are red, so this one looks similar to them because it’s also a red one. And for the low, low price that it sells for it will be much cheaper than the ones Kevin has.

It also comes with everything a up-and-coming artist needs incuding a case, picks and a cable and amp. If you pick up this guitar you will be sounding like Tame Impala in no time!

Rock Amps

Kevin uses Big Expensive Amps such as the famous (and loud) Vox AC30 and Fender 65 Twin Reverb. But these are very big and way-too-heavy amps that are too heavy to carry around and are just too loud and hurt your ears. However, the Davison Red Guitar does include a little amp with it that is the perfect size and weight and loudness for both professional and amateur musicians.


One important way to sound like Kevin Parker’s voice is to use the same microphone that he would use. He uses the Shure SM-57, a very famous mic that many people used, including him. Pick one of these up and you will very soon sound alot like Kevin’s voice.



Tame Impala love to rock out with a plethora of pedals of all different size and shape. The only problem is they are very very expensive to buy all of them. It could cost up to $300 to buy all the pedals on Kevin’s board and that doesn’t include the prices of the cables and the 9v batteries he’s using to power those pedals. He uses fancy ones from Electro-Harmonix, Moog and Boss that are just not affordable for guitarists on the budget. So instead we reccomend to buy the Zoom B1 multieffect which has many sounds in the box.

I know what you’re thinking, “this is a bass pedal and not a guitar one!” But don’t worry, they are all the same and this one is cheaper than other ones. IT does all the sounds Kevin Does but for a much cheaper price than buying all those big heavy pedals he has. And it sounds perfect and very great!

In Conclusion

Sounding like Tame Impala is not a easy task but with this gear it just got a whole lot easier to sounds like them.


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