How to Sound Like Sufjan Stevens (on a Budget)

King of Folk-Rock

When Sufjan Stevens hit the scene with his sick debut album A Sun Came in 2000, people knew that he was a great and very cool artist. People immediately wanted to sound like him, but achieving that was not so easy to do. How can one sound like Sufjan Stevens? From back in early 2000s to now, with his brand new 2017 song song “Tonya Harding” Sufjan Stevens has been a great player in the world of music and played many different types of sounds on his songs and albums. But how can you sound like him? It’s not easy to do so, but following this guide will show you how to do it.


Sufjan plays everything from lo-fi rock to folk to electronica so a versatile guitar is extremely important in achieving his signature tone. He uses many different very cool guitars to achieve the sound that he plays including a Harmony Bobkat electric guitar, a Fender Stratocaster and a Martin D-28. He use both acoustic and electric. However these guitars are far too costly to use and buy so it’s much better not to do so.  The Martin guitar costs almost $3000! The good thing is that all guitars do sound the same. The only difference is cosmetic looks. SO better to go for a more affordable option.

Why not use this Davison Black Guitar? At a very cheap and low low price it is a perfect Sufjan Stevens tool to sound like him and make and produce good music. It also include a amp in the box so you can amplify the guitar sound more than its normal volume.



Sufjan Stevens uses many pedals in his arsenal such as an Electro Harmonix Cathedral, a Digitech Whammy and a ZVEX Fuzz Factory. These are all very cool pedals, but their price is very high and it will cost too much to acquire these pedals, even though they are pretty cool. Not to mention if you buy all of them and create a pedalboard it will be very heavy and cumbersome to carry that around everywhere.

A better option is, why don’t you buy this Zoom G1xon pedal which has all those sounds in the box there. At a very low affordable price, it’s a perfect pedal to start sounding like Sufjan Stevens.



In order to sound like Sufjan Stevens you will need a mic to sound like him. Why not try this classic mic, the Shure SM57 which is a mic that will make you sound a lot like Sufjan, because he used one before.


In Conclusion

Sounding like Sufjan is not an easy task to accomplish. However with this guide it just got a whole lot easier to sound like him easily and well.




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