How to Sound Like KYUSS on guitar (on a budget)

Can’t Find My KYUSS!

Just about everyone who has ever listened to KYUSS immediately wanted to sound like them. The music they make is very good and has a good sound to it. They made and album called Wretch, along with many other one. Then later they broke up. It seems like to achieve the Josh Homme type of sound it would be a difficult task, but actually it’s a quite easy one with the right tools to sound just like him! Read the article to find out how you can do that.


Get the Guitar

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Josh Homme uses a plethora of guitars from Danelectro, Gibson, B.C. Rich and other very cool guitar companies. The only problem is that these guitars are very expensive and cost way too much to be affordable for the aspiring guitarist on a budget.

Luckily, all guitars sound the same so why not try the Davison Black Guitar. It’s a cool looking electric guitar that looks like something Josh might use. Pick up this bad boy, and immediately KYUSS and QOTSA style sounds will spurt forth from your amp. Also it comes with everything you need. An little mini amp (which is good because then you can’t get very loud, which could disturb others), a case and straps and other stuff. It also is sold for a very cheap, low price.


Effects, Effects, Effects

Josh use many effect on his pedalboard, such as MicroPog from Electro-Harmonix, Digitech Whammy, M0ogerfooger Analog Delay, Roland Space Echo and a Fuzzrocious Demon among many other cool ones. If you were to buy all these pedals it could cost you over $300, which is way too much for the guitarist on a budget.


A good alternative is to get the Donner Guitar Modulation Effect Pedal Digital Mod Square 7 Mode pedal. It is sold for a very cheap price and has 7 effects in the box, so you can just use the ones in there to get the KYUSS sound. Including phaser, flanger and others

Essential Extras

One overlooked aspect of any guitar rig is the extras that people just don’t think about. If you ever need to do maintenance on your guitar, like changing a pickup or giving it a basic setup, you’ll need a towel to lay the guitar on so the back of it won’t get messed up. So make sure you have a towel.


Look the Part

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KYUSS were around in the 90s when people looked like Grunge rock. So make sure you try to look like them. Many had long hair so you can get a wig if you don’t want to grow it out. IN the pic pictured above thay are wearing boring t-shirts and crappy jeans, which can also do:


Some Levi 511s


A nice Slayer t shirt.

In Conclusion

Following these guidelines will help you to achieve a KYUSS-like tone on guitar in no time. It’s not easy to sound like KYUSS, but with this guide it just got a whole lot easier.

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  1. Good tip on the towel but you forgot the most important part – Josh sometimes plays his guitar through a bass amp to get it to sound different. You don’t need to buy a bass amp though, just turn your guitar amp’s “Low” or “Bass” knob to 10 and turn all the other knobs to 0. POW. Get ready to play the Thong Song.

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