How to sound like Father John Misty on guitar (on a budget)

Tone of Indie Legends

Father John Misty is a bearded rocker who took the world by storm with his good and interesting music. He used to play music in the Fleet Fox band but they fired him for not being good enough. After this happened he learned how to be very good at his instrument which led him to the rock success he has today. But how can you achieve his signature guitar tone on a budget? Read on to find out!


First step to sounding like JOhn Misty is to get a good guitar for the job. Most guitars sound the same but there are two main kind which he uses; acoustic and electric. Both are good types of guitars but Electric guitar is more of a rock instrument so it’s better to get one of those.

You don’t need to go for anything expensive. They all sound pretty much the same. Why not go for the Blue Davison Guitar? It has a very good rock tone and is good for making that type of music. It also comes with a little amp and a bag to carry the guitar in, so it wont break when you drop it. With the little amp, you won’t need to waste your money on buying a big expensive one. At such a cheap affordable rate, how could you resist?



John Misty use many pedals in his rig. While he has some very cool boutique items on his board, there’s no point in wasting your money on these products. They will be expensive and cumbersome to carry around because they are very heavy.

We reccomend the Epitome from Electro-Harmonix. It is a multi-effect meaning it has several sounds in the box. This one has reverb, flanger and octaves. these three effects will be the perfect starting point for the JOhn Misty sound. And at under $400, that’s a great value. Many effects can cost $200 and up on today’s market. So why not go easy on the wallet and use the Epitome from EHX to achieve those John Misty tone?



It’s not easy to sound like Father JOhn Misty. He’s a grammy awards winning artist, so you know it’s tough to get his sound. But using this guide and the gear in here it will be a lot easier now.


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