How to Sound like Weezer using pedals (on a budget)

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So you want to be the bigshot and sound like Weezer, the Emo band? Doing so is not as easy as you think. Guitarist River Como, Guitarist Brian Bell and Bassist Scott Shriner are musicians  and achieving their guitar and bass tones is not an easy task, however this article will show the musician on a budget how you can achieve their tones.


If you want to play songs such as Hashpipe or others, the first step is the guitars. Even though they are not that famous or good, The members of the Weezer are very wealthy from their success and can afford all of the most expensive instruments ever made. River and Brian play very expensive guitars from Fender and Gibson, which are too expensive to afford. Scott Shriner plays basses from Fender and Gibson, which are also incredibly expensive and not realistic to purchase.

But don’t worry. The truth is that all guitars sound exactly the same. The only difference is in their looks. Instead of a Gibson or Fender, why not try out this Davison Black Guitar from Amazon? It is great for achieving emo-style Weezer tones, and has a great color and look.

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It is a very cool looking instrument and sounds great. If you decide you’d want to play bass like Scott Shriner, just tune the strings down to the bass notes using the included tuning pipe.


The Davison Black Guitar includes a carrying bag, and also an amp.

The Weezer people play very heavy expensive amps such as Marshall, Sunn and more. These are too big, loud and heavy for the budget guitarist. The included 5w amp with the Davison sounds just as good, and for the cheap low price it’s offered at  and the low weight it weighs, how can you beat it?

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Pedal Papas

Weezer people are known to play many expensive pedals. River plays the Rat distortion and Crybaby Wah. Brian Bell plays the Ibanez Tube Screamer and EHX Holy Grail. Scott Shriner plays the Voodoo Labs Power Supply.

These are all very expensive pedals that will cost an arm and a leg to purchase. Luckily there are other options, such as the  ammoon PockRock Guitar Multi-effects Processor. It costs $32.99 and is basically just Weezer sounds in a box, and many of them, including distortion (rock sound) and modulation (other sounds) and delay (echo sounds).

It also includes a built in drum machine, which will play the Weezer-style beats so you don’t need a drummer.


The rockers in  Weezer are getting old, so they probably snore and have Sleep Apnea. For this reason, it’s reccomended that you get a CPAP machine, to feel more like them. The name Weezer is most likely related to the Wheezing affliction associated with those that suffer from Sleep Apnea.

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Why not try this Philips Respironics Dream Station? It is a great entry level CPAP and paid for by most reputable insurance companies.


Sounding like Weezer is no easy task, but using this guide, it just got a whole lot easier.

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