Using Hallucinogenic Drugs to Lose Weight FAST!

A revolutionary new program from Dr. Moshe C. Bragge, pHD

Ever wanted to learn how to lose weight using psychedelic substances such as LSD (acid), psilocybin mushrooms, peyote, DMT and more?

Now you can, using Moshe C. Bragge’s revolutionary new book, Using Hallucinogenic Drugs to Lose Weight FAST!

It’s simple easy and fun to trip out and activate fat busting neurons in the conscious and subconscious mind! You can watch an informative video here:

Many people are concerned about their access to LSD and mushrooms during the Coronavirus pandemic, however there’s absolutely no need to worry. THis book teaches you how to extract DMT from the brains of animals in order to keep losing weight during a global pandemic.

RUN! Don’t walk to pick up this fascinating weight loss program. Forget the marijuana for weight loss, forget the alcohol for weight loss and get “low” using hallucinogenic drugs!

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