High Quality Synthesizer Information at The Bit Depth

Free Information about Synthesizers so you don’t have to break the bank doing research

So you want to learn more information about vintage synthesizers such as Moog, Yamaha, Minimoog, and others? But it can be so expensive to do so. Purchasing books about synthesis can be expensive and heavy to carry around. Buying the books could drain you bank account and cause permanent injury.

THankfully there is now a solution to these issues!

The Bit Depth is a new website about synthesizers which contains lots of information, but it’s absolutely free! Information about Yamaha, Casio, Buchla, Moog, Korg and many many other companies is available here! And the best part? it’s free information with no fees attached!

So if you’re looking for information so that you can get the info you need to learn about the things you wanted to discover then you can go to that website there to find out that info!

You can use the site to learn about all of the reproductions, clones, alternatives and VST/AU or software versions of the classic synths so you don’t have to spend the money to buy the big synth but can just buy the cheaper one from the list there that they made! EVen modular or Eurorack info is contained inside that link there,.