Pigtronix Mothership 2 Analog Synthesizer

Mothership Synthesizer Landing

Is it a bird or a plane? No it’s the Mothership Synthesizer pedal from Pigtronix. It’s called Mothership because Aliens travel in Motherships and this makes alien synthesizer types of sounds. It’s a VERY cool pedal to say the least and will have everyone hopping, skiping and running to the closest store or online retailer to purchase it.
purple pedal


What is it?

The Mothership Synthesizer pedal from Pigtronix is a new version of an older pedal they had before that makes very cool synthesizer sounds. It is a purple pedal. Have you ever listened to bands like ELO, Genesis, Yes or other bands that used synthesizers to maeke their music, such as many 80s band (including Bruce Springsteen and others). If you ever did listen then you will know the sound this pedal can make and now you can buy one and make those sounds too!

Is it a Good pedal?

Yes, this is a very good pedal to make cool synthesizer styles of sounds. A++ and highly recommended to everyone who wanted to buy it go buy it.

TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2– The NEW Reverb Pedal from TC ELECTRONIC

This awesome and sick Hall of Fame Reverb pedal has a few tricks up its sleeve…you might call it the David Blaine of Reverb Pedals. Offering true bypass, a small footprint and 2 holes to plug stuff in, this is the best that reverb has to offer. TC Electronic is a European company that makes pedals.

The Hall of Fame is a reverb pedal meaning it does reverbs. it has many of them.

Cool red pedal

What is Reverb?

Reverb is how the sound sounds like it in different places. So a big room has a big reverb and a little room has a tiny tiny reverb. It’s a very cool thing.

What does it do?

This Hall of Fame was aptly named because it should be in the hall of fame for great different reverbs. everything from plate to hall and spring, this reverb does all of the reverbs good…or great.

  • Our thoughts
    When I plugged my yellow guitar into this little red pedal it was cool. I stepped on the button and the room became like in a small room, because i had the room setting on. Then i switched it to the hall setting and the room i was in felt like a hall. it’s cool to have a pedal that changes the room like that. i really loved plugging this thing in and playing some notes. You could easily play songs by Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin or J. Mascis (from Dinosaur Jr.) with this pedal turned on or off, both would sound good. As with all pedals we reccomend turning all knobs to their maximum setting to achieve the best results. When we did that here the sound became so big and the guitar sound so little. everything was bouncing.

Sheryl Crow’s PedalBoard

What does Sheryl Crow have on her PedalBoard?

Since becoming a pedal enthusiast and expert about pedals, one thing tons of people are always asking is, what does Sheryl Crow have on her pedalboard? Which pedals are there?
Doing some internet research has been invaluable in discovering what she has on her pedalboard. I used Google.com to search for what she had on her pedalboard. The results of that google search may surprise you!


What were the results of that Google search?

Firstly I checked out the Equipboard site, which indicated the Sheryl Crow plays many, many different guitars. But it lists that she has 0 pedals. This was a very shocking discovery because I thought she would use some. And many people had already asked about what kind of pedals she was using, so I did want to find out which ones she used. But this website said 0. SO then I clicked on a YouTube video entitled Rick Purcell, Sheryl Crow’s Guitar Tech: A typical day with Sheryl’s gear which you can see it right here:

As you can see, in the frame there are the pedals that Sheryl Crow used! So that’s the answer to which ones she uses on her pedalboard!