Fuzzy Scuzzy Goodness with the KHDK Scuzz Box

Kirk Hammett of Metallica is one of the best and coolest players in the industry today. From the soft begining parts of some Metallica songs (such as Sanitarium) to the hard parts of their other songs, he can do many different sounds with his guitar (and pedals). He collaboarted with the KHDK company to create a very cool Fuzz pedal called the Scuzz box.



Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit

In 2017 there was brookyln Stompbox Exhibit. It was a pretty cool thing at the music shop in Brooklyn called Main Drag Music.
Some pedal companies were featuring there, such as Boss, Electro-Harmonix, Old Blood Noise, Eventide, Chase Bliss, Rabbit Hole FX, Fuzzrocious and other cool companies. Here is a short video documentary about the Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit from 2017!

MXR Dyna Comp Mini– The little compressor pedal that could

Compression–What Is iT?

Compression is a pedal or effect that changes the audio in a subtle way that you can’t tell what changed there. It makes the sound sound different than how it sounded before, which is very cool. It’s a very little effect because you can’t hear what it did.

So–why is it used? Read on to find out.


Why is it used?

Compressors, such as the Keeley Compressor and the MXR Dyna Comp were used to compress the audio because the musicians wanted the sound to be compressed from what it was before. According to Equipboard.com, John Frusciante from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day, The Edge from U2, Noel Gallagher from Oasis, Cliff BUrton (Deceased) from Metallica, and Andy Summers from the Police all used the Dyna Comp Compressor from MXR to make their guitars sound different from how they sounded before.


Big one? Or Little One?

So the big question for all the guitarists out there now is, should I buy the little Dyna Comp Mini from MXR or use the old bigger one from MXR? Check out this video to see a sample of how the new little one sounds and decide if you like that pedal or just want to play the old one!



Which is better? The vintage Deluxe Electric Mistress or the new Deluxe Electric Mistress XO? The Answer may shock you…

Pedal enthusiasts have long wondered which Flanger pedal sounded more sick and cool, the new XO Electric Mistress from Electro-Harmonix, or the older one that they had before. Flangers are sick and awesome devices used to Flange the Audio and create the jet engine sound that was utilized by such artists as J. Masics of Dinosaur Jr., Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin too. In this video here they show you which one sounds better and the answer may surprise to you? But maybe it will not if you have tried them before.