Sleep Apnea Erotic Fiction Story

Jason Edwards had recently been diagnosed with OSA, Obstructive Sleep Apnea. At 25 years old, he was glad that he had caught on relatively early. Many had complained about his snoring, so it was a relief to know that he could tackle the problem head on now. He was a very fit and muscular fellow with a lean build, 6’5 tall with an angular face and long blonde hair. Women turned to look at him everyday as he would walk down the street without his shirt on, wearing only a cowboy hat, cowboy boots and a pair of Levi’s 501 Jeans. He had no dress code because he was a self-made man. An entrepreneur who had gotten rich mining Bitcoins, Jason now had his money spread in various Hedge Funds. But today he was dressed more conservatively, because he had an appointment to be fitted for his CPAP machine.

Jason stepped out of his luxury Hudson Valley cottage ranch and into his Ford Truck. He waved goodbye to his horses, who he would miss dearly. He had to drive into the Big Apple, New York, to pick up his CPAP. He went through the Lincoln Tunnel and pulled into the first parking garage he saw. Money was no object. “That’ll be $200 for the day” the Valet said. Jason passed him $400. “Keep the change,” he said.

Jason nervously strolled down Delancey St. and passed all the classic eateries, bagel shops and bars. Typically he would have delighted in a fresh New York style Bagel, or reveled in a friendly brunch and morning Bloody Mary with a date, but today was different. He was off to resolve a very serious and life-threatening health condition for once and for all.

As he entered the gray doors of the medical supply company, he caught the eye of the receptionist Daisy. She was a plain woman in her mid 30s wearing a Green sweater, black stockings and a brown skirt. Her curly blonde hair was unique and quirky, just like her. She looked up from her computer to see Jason. She was taken aback by his bold and handsome appearance. He couldn’t help notice the way she looked at him. “I’m here to pick up my CPAP machine and get a fitting for a mask” Jason said. Daisy stammered. “Do…You….have an appappointment?” She was overwhelmed by the sexual energy he emanated. “God, I sounded so foolish just there” she thought to herself. “Yes, I have an appointment for 11am” Jason responded.
Daisy nervously remembered that the doctor was out for the day. She would have to perform the fitting for Jason. While this was extremely exciting (she’d get to touch him!!), she was also intensely nervous. “A small town girl like me could never get with Jason Edwards! He’s one of those big time Bitcoin players!” she thought to herself.

“Yes right this way Mr Edwards!” she stumbled and showed him into a room that had an array of CPAP machines, nasal cannulas, nasal pillows, tubing and all other variety of CPAP paraphernalia.
“What is your preferred mask type?” Daisy asked. “I have no idea” Jason said bluntly. He realized his terse and cold response might frighten Daisy. He decided to warm her up with his charm. “Look m’am, I’m new to this whole Sleep Apnea thing, so if you could give me some advice on where to start I’d appreciate it.”
“Sure!” Daisy said. “Oh God! I sounded too forward and excited” she thought to herself.
She grabbed a Nasal Prong CPAP mask. “Alot of people like this one!” she said.
“Well let’s try it on then!” Jason said excitedly.
She gently placed the straps around his head and caressed the prongs into place beneath his nostrils. His coarse skin turned her on immensely. She wished he would just confess his love to her right then and there. “Snap it out of your head! Jason Edwards is a bigshot! He has no interest in you!” the voice in her head told her.

“How does that feel, Mr. Edwards?”
“Not bad at all Daisy, not bad at all.”
“You look cute with the mask on” Daisy blurted out.
“You’re at work! You can’t talk like that to a CLIENT!” the voice inside her head stated.
“Haha, many thanks…you’re not so bad yourself” Jason said.
He got up and touched her hand. She withdrew it instinctively.
“I’m sorry.” said Jason
She flung herself at him. She stroked his face and ran her fingers over the tubing coming from the Nasal Prong mask.
“Should I take this off?” Jason said as they fell to the floor together.
“No, it makes you even sexier” she exclaimed as she felt his rock-solid chest.
They made passionate love for the better part of an hour. Daisy had never felt anything like it before.

Jason put his clothes back on and packed up his new Nasal Prong mask and CPAP machine, the Dream Station from Philips Respironics.
“Well, it’s been lovely” Jason said.
“Will I see you again?” said Daisy
“I have a feeling I’ll need to be fitted with a new mask real soon” said Jason.
He winked at her and walked into the bustling traffic of the New York streets.

7 CPAP Machine Life Hacks to Help You Sleep Better with Sleep Apnea

Vicious Cycles are Hard to Break

Are you trapped in the vicious cycle of Sleep Apnea? You can’t sleep well without your CPAP machine, but you can’t sleep with your uncomfortable, loud and cumbersome CPAP. Well turn that Sleep Apnea Frown Upside Down because these Life Hacks will turn your CPAP machine from a nuisance to a new sense…. of comfort, stability and restful sleep.

1. CPAP Machine is Too Loud

Recent studies show that 99% of Americans don’t get enough sleep. One of the common culprits is a pesky critter of a condition, known as Sleep Apnea. The most effective treatment is a CPAP Machine. But they come with a host of problems. One of the most common problems people have with CPAP Machines is that they’re far too loud and liable to keep you awake. One simple hack is to solve this problem just involves placement of the machine. Most people keep it next to their bed. If you put it under the covers with you, your blanket will dull the harsh noise, allowing you to sleep better.


2. Messy Messy

The Mask for a CPAP Machine is covered in filthy germs when you leave it resting on the floor, or even your night stand. It’s a magnet for grotesque and unseemly bacteria. When you place the mask on your face you are breathing in that harsh and dangerous bacteria that could give you diseases or bacterial infections. To prevent this, purchase a styrofoam head to place on your night stand. Rest your mask on the head when you’re not using it. It also makes an artful decorative sculpture that will impress visitors to your bedroom

3. Tangled Cords

Many people complain about the octopus-like tangle of cords that get you wrapped up like a kidnapping victim in an 80s film as you sleep. No one wants to experience that. It’s messy and feels restrictive.

Luckily you can purchase one of these stands which keeps your cord up and untangled. It’s called a Hose Buddy and yes, it’s a friendly device.

4. Whose is it?

Many couples suffer from Sleep Apnea together. This creates a host of problems. “Whose mask is whose? “”This is my cord!” “Where did you put my nasal pillow?”

These conflicts can create marital strife, which increases stress, further disrupting your sleep patterns. There’s nothing worse than getting in a non-physical altercation with your partner, only to have nightmares about it later that night. Why not avoid these problems by color coding your Sleep Apnea Gear.

A pink mask for the Mrs. will easily solve any of these sorts of conflicts. Blue for the boys is standard, but pick whatever color best represents you and your spouse. Be creative. SnuggleStrap has got your back.

5. Clean Up Clean Up Everybody Do their Share

There’s nothing worse than a filthy CPAP Mask or nasal Pillow. Get some CPAP mask wipes to rid the mask of germs and bacteria so you’re not breathing in the poison of disease during your sleep. This delicious Citrus Scented CPAP Mask Wipe comes in a bottle of 62. If you use 1 wipe per day that means you’d only need to buy 6 bottles per year!

6. Ditch the Bitch

Dogs are a CPAP machine’s greatest enemy. The hum of the machine makes the dog bark. when you’re not home, the dog is liable to knock over the machine and get distilled water all over the floor. Put your dog down, or donate it to an animal shelter to avoid these easily preventable problems.

7. Get your eating and smoking in early

If you’re like me and wake up every few hours to smoke a cigarette and grab a snack, you’ll find it difficult to set up and dismount your CPAP machine repeatedly each night. So you have two options. One is to smoke alot before bed to get your fix in. Another is to wear a Nicotine Patch during your sleep so you won’t need to get up and smoke. Once you wake up in the morning you can smoke again. For midnight snackers, I recommend eating a very heavy dinner every night, which will tire you and make you rest easier. If your tummy hurts a bit that’s good. It means you will be too full for a midnight snack.

Bang For Your Buck

These cheap and easy Hacks will make your sleep life a lot easier. Wearing a CPAP Mask has turned from a burden to a blessing. And that’s a good thing.