How to Sound Like Boy Pablo using Guitars & Pedals

Boy Toy

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So, you want to sound like Boy Pablo on guitar and pedals but don’t know how to do so? This guide is all you need to get an in-depth look at achieving an authentic Boy Pablo sound to your music. Boy Pablo, from Norway, made very good and cool music using their very expensive array of guitars, studio equipment and pedals to achieve their polished music sound. Unfortunately this equipment could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and would not be accesible to the guitarist on a budget. This guide will show you how to achieve Boy Pablo sounds without breaking the bank.

Get the Guitar!

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In the video for the song “Everytime,” the Norwegian played a Vox Mark III little teardrop guitar, which can cost hundreds of dollars and is too expensive. The good news is, all guitars sound the same. So why not go for something a little more affordable?

Smartxchoices Acoustic Guitar for Starter Beginner Music Lovers Kids Gift 38" 6-String Folk Beginners Acoustic Guitar With Gig bag, Strap, Tuner and Pick (Blue)

I reccomend the Smartxchoices Acoustic Guitar for Starter Beginner Music Lovers Kids Gift 38″ 6-String Folk Beginners Acoustic Guitar With Gig bag, Strap, Tuner and Pick (Blue)This is the perfect tool for achieving a Boy Pablo sound. As an added bonus, it is blue, just like the one he used the Everytime video. It also conveniently includes a Pitch Pipe to make sure the guitar is tune, which is necessary to play songs such as Boy Pablo ones.


What pedals does Boy Pablo use to achieve the sounds on his debut EP Toy Pablo and when he plays live? That’s a great question!

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Some of the pedals he might have used include the Big Muff Fuzz, the Death by Audio Fuzz War, a Boss DS-1 Distortion and a Boss Angry Charlie, a Keeley Bubbletron, a Chase Bliss Wombtone Phaser and many others that he might have used.

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THese pedals are too expensive for the guitarist on a budget and could cost hundreds of dollars. A better solution is to just get an all-in-one box such as the ammoon PockRock Guitar Multi-effects Processor Effect Pedal. It features many sound in the box, all of which can be used to achieve the Boy Pablo sounds. It only costs $32 which is a very cheap price for a unit with so many sounds in the box.

Norwegian Wood

Because Pablo is from Norway he and the band probably eat a good amount of traditional Norwegian cuisine, so you should do so as well to get the full Boy Pablo experience. Why not get the Smoked Salmon Fillet Marquis Cut, From Norway – Approx. 1.3 – 2.2 Lbs?

It is a very tasty and delicious Norwegian classic that Boy Pablo probably also consumes.

Record your progress

In order to record the Boy Pablo styloe of music you will be making with this Boy Pablo gear, you need to have some gear for that. I reccomend getting the Korg D-1200 Digital Audio Multi Track Recorder. 

Korg D-1200 Digital Audio Multi Track Recorder

It conveniently records directly to blank CD-Rs so you don’t need to buy any non-standard storage devices such as CF cards. It also is a great way to record Boy Pablo style music!


It’s not easy to sound like Boy Pablo, but with this guide, it just got a whole lot easier.

How to Sound Like Joy Division on Guitar using Pedals and Guitars (On A Budget)

Ode to Joy

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Joy Division was one of the coolest and best bands from the old times. They came from the UK and talked with British voices. Their dark music was very good and many people enjoyed the goth sounds they made. Joy Division inspired many dark goth rockers to come such as Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie and countless others. Very unique to their style was the pedals, effects and guitars that they used to achieve their goth sound. But those gears are expensive and too much money for a normal person to buy.

A History of Dark Goth Music

Joy Division featured the guitar works of Ian Curtis, Bernard Summer, Peter Hook and Stephen Morris. They were all skinny, which is a big part of many band’s appearances, and Ian Curtis was the most skinny of them. He had a mean looking face that was cool and scary to all the goth listeners who were listening to their dark lyrics.

As you can see in this video of Transmission he has a very low and scary voice. But his weird face and voice were only part of what made them such a good band. It was also the guitar and bass sounds.  So how did those guys play those music like that?


Get a Guitar!

The first step to creating any kind of rock music, including Goth Rock, like Joy Division, is to get a guitar. It’s a classic instrument that is a symbol of rock n’ roll and when you have one you can create great Joy Division style sounds. Joy Division always used the most expensive and rare guitars such as Gibson SG and others in their performances, which is not possible for most people to acquire. However, the good news is that most guitars sound the same so why not get this one?

The Crescent Acoustic Guitar sells for $36 on Amazon and is the first step for making rock sounds such as what Joy Division would have made.


Joy Division used many cool pedals in their rig such as the ELectro-Harmonix clone theory, which is a pedal that makes chorus and vibrato. These are very cool effects, but that pedal cost way too much money to buy.

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We reccomend the DOnner Tutti pedal. It’s $35 which is very cheap and when you plug the Crescent guitar into it you will start to sound like Joy Division because it is also that same type of chorus effect.


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Joy Division was known to look cool so definitely buy some cool clothing items if you are going for  Gothic JOy Division style of dress or music.  I reccomend the  Cimeiee Punk Gothic Women Leggings Hollow Out Five-Pointed Star Pentagram Pencil Pants , which you can buy on Amazon for a very cheap price.


Joy Division’s gothic tones are hard to achieve, but now it just got easier with this easy how-to guide.

Step by Step Instructions to Sound like Tom Morello (on a financial plan)

Rap Rock Legend

Tom Morello...
INGLEWOOD, CA – DECEMBER 10: Guitar player Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine performs onstage during KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas at The Forum on December 10, 2016 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Scott Dudelson/WireImage)

Tom Morello is an old and bald guitarist who as of now plays with Prophets of Rage, yet once played for Rage Against the Machine, when he was youthful (yet bald). He looks cool and wears cool caps that have political or shrewd platitudes on them. His great and imaginative music is crazy and shaking. He made rap rock combination music that prompted the ascent of Limpbizkit, Korn and others. He has affected ages of guitarists and put the Digitech Whammy pedal on the map. Be that as it may, how might you accomplish his mark guitar tone on a financial plan? Read on to discover!

Limp Bizkit...


Initial step to seeming like Tom Morello is to get a decent guitar for the activity. Most guitars sound the same however there are two primary kind which he utilizes; Gibson and Ibanez, despite the fact that he has been known to play a Fender occasionally.

The shared factor between the greater part of his guitars is that they are electric rock guitars. You don’t have to go for anything costly. They all sound essentially the same. Why not try go for the Blue Davison Guitar? It has a decent rock tone and is useful for making that sort of music. It likewise accompanies a little amp and a sack to convey the guitar in, so it won’t break when you drop it. With the little amp, you won’t have to squander your cash on purchasing a major costly one. At such a shabby reasonable rate, how could pass it up?


DigiTech Whammy

Tom Morello utilize numerous pedals in his apparatus. While he has some exceptionally cool boutique things on his board, there’s no reason for squandering your cash on these items. They will be costly and awkward to bear since they are substantial.

We suggest the (Red) Whammy from DigiTech. It replaces a simple whammy bar and is significantly more adaptable and intense. It is the ideal beginning stage for the Tom Morello sound. What’s more, at under $200, that is an incredible deal. Numerous other pedals can cost $300 and up on the present market. So why not go easy on the wallet and utilize the (Red) Whammy from DigiTech to accomplish those Tom Morello tones? In any case, hurry in light of the fact that DigiTech never again will make the Whammy, since they were purchased by Harman (a Samsung organization).


It is difficult to seem like Tom Morello. He’s a Grammy Awards winning craftsman, so you know it’s hard to get his sound. Be that as it may, utilizing this guide and the rigging in here it will be a considerable measure simpler at this point.


Step by Step Instructions to Sound like Carlos Santana from Santana (on a financial plan and not selling your soul to Abraxis)

I Wanna Play Spooky like Carlos

Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana was the rocking lead guitarist of Santana. Santana is really the band name. It’s a decent name since along these lines alternate individuals from the band won’t get excessively desirous if the band was simply called ‘Carlos Santana’. Numerous individuals need to know “How Might I Sound like Carlos Santana from the Santana band, however, on a financial plan without spending a lot of cash on apparatus or selling my spirit to the Devil or other otherworldly being?” Well, peruse this article to discover how you can seem like Carlos Santana without burning up all available resources or digging into the mysterious occult sciences.

Get a Guitar

Carlos played numerous cool guitars from brands, for example, Gibson SG Special, anyway these guitars are very costly for the player on a financial plan. All in all, how might you seem like Carlos on the off chance that you don’t have such a great amount of money to play cool melodies, for example, “Black Magic Woman” and “Smooth (including Rob Thomas)”?

The truth of the matter is that while diverse guitars appear to be unique, they all produce the same sound, so should go for something shabby and reasonable. For that reason, why not attempt this Black Davison guitar. It’s an extremely dreadful looking dark guitar that resembles something Carlos Santana would have played to make the Latin shake. What’s more, at the low reasonable value that this guitar costs how might you oppose getting it?

Supernatural Amp

No awesome guitar is finished without a debilitated amp to shake your tones. The amp is imperative since it not just makes the guitar sound uproarious and not peaceful, but rather additionally in light of the fact that it can give the guitar a stone sort of sound.

For what reason not go for this cool Orange amp, which isn’t just exceptionally decent looking. On Amazon it costs around somewhat more than $1000 which isn’t especially expensive, when you are not kidding about playing the guitar like Carlos. It is simply the top piece of the amp so you will likewise need to get the base part to make this work. However, it is extremely cool looking and certainly one key to getting those Carlos tones for playing Santana tunes, for example, “Bailando/Aquatic Park”.

Look like it!

No rocker is finished without an awesome hair style. Not every person has sufficient energy or stamina to grow out their hair to Carlos-length so why not simply get a wig on

This Rocker wig has an extremely Carlos Santana sort of look to it so it is great to use to look (and play like him). It costs a low value, so simply get it just on the off chance that you don’t have room, schedule-wise, to develop your hair to Carlos length? Additionally, Carlos, much of the time wears Che Guevara shirts. You can locate a wide assortment of these on Amazon.

Rocker Wig...

In Conclusion

Santana were dependably an extraordinary band and seeming like them has dependably been an exceptionally troublesome activity. Be that as it may, now that you can purchase the things from this guide, it’s anything but difficult to seem like Carlos and his band Santana.

Instructions to Play Guitar Like Wes Montgomery

Jazz Guitar Legend

Wes Montgomery...

Wes Montgomery is a jazz guitarist who played with Lionel Hampton and Jimmy Smith, among other extraordinary jazz craftsmen. Jazz is an exceptionally old style of music prevalent among old individuals. His extraordinary tone was made by a mix of playing a hollow body guitar with his thumb. In any case, in what manner may you achieve his guitar tone on a monetary arrangement? Read on to find!


Introductory step to appearing like Wes Montgomery is to get a respectable guitar for the action. Most guitars sound the same anyway there are two essential kind which he used; Gibson ES-175 and later a Gibson L-5CES. He would normally play through whatever Fender tube amp was laying nearby.

The common factor between his more noteworthy guitars is that they are hollow body electric guitars. Hollow body just implies that they are electric guitars that are putting on a show to be acoustic guitars. You don’t need to go for anything expensive. They all sound basically the same. For that reason, why not attempt go for the Blue Davison Guitar? It has a not too bad rock tone and is helpful for making that kind of music. It, in like manner, goes with a little amp and a sack to pass on the guitar in, so it won’t break when you drop it. With the little amp, you won’t need to waste your money on obtaining a noteworthy expensive one. At such a ratty sensible rate, how could you leave it behind?


Wes Montgomery didn’t use pedals in his pedalboard. Pedals had not been concocted when he was playing his old-timey lively music.


It is hard to appear like Wes Montgomery. He’s an incredible and compelling mammoth of jazz music, so you know it’s difficult to get his sound. In any case, using this guide and the apparatus in here it will be an extensive measure more straightforward now.


How to Sound like Mike Campbell from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (on a budget)

I wanna be like Mike


Mike Campbell was the rocking lead guitarist of the Tom Petty & The HEartbreakers band. Although he was not Tom Petty, he was still an important part of the band through the rocking guitar sounds that he made. The HEartbreakers is actually a strange name for the band because the way he played sounded good and was not sad or heartbreaking at all. Many people want to know “How Can I Sound like Mike Campbell from the Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Band but on  a budget without spending alot of money on gear?” Well, read this article to find out how you can sound like Mike Campbell without breaking the bank.


Get a Guitar

Mike Played many cool guitars from brands such as Danelectro, however these guitars are far too expensive for the player on a budget. So How can you sound like Mike if you don’t have so much cash to play cool songs such as “I Wont Back Down” and “Don’t Come Around Here No More.” ?

The fact is that while different guitars look different, they all sound the same, so might as well go for something cheap and affordable. Why not try this Black Davison guitar. It’s a very cool looking black guitar that looks like something Mike Campbell would have played to make the rock hits with Tom Petty. And at the low affordable price that this guitar costs how can you resist buying it?


Sleepaway Amp

No great guitar rig is complete without a sick amp to rock your tones. The amp is important because it not only makes the guitar sound loud and not quiet, but also because it can give the guitar a rock kind of sound.

Why not go for this cool Orange amp, which is not only very nice looking but also Orange colored. On Amazon it costs around a little more than $1000 which is not very much when you are serious about  playing the guitar like Mike. It is just top part of amp so you will also need to get the bottom part to make this work. But it is very cool looking and definitely one key to get those Mike tones for playing Tom Petty Heartbreaker songs such as Freefallin’.


Look the Part!

No rocker is complete without a great haircut. Not everyone has the time or stamina to grow out their hair to Mike-length so why not just get a wig on

This Rocker wig has a very Mike Campbell type of look to it so it would be good to use to look (and play like him). It costs a very low price, so why not just get it just in case you don’t have time to grow your hair to Mike length?

In Conclusion

The Tom Petty Heartbreakers were always a great band and sounding like them has always been a very difficult thing to do. However now that you can buy the things from this guide, it’s very easy to sound like Mike and the Heartbreakers band.

How to Sound like Godspeed You! Black Emperor (on a Budget)

For the love of Godspeed

So you want to start sounding like Godspeed You! Black Emperor on Guitar but don’t know where to start? This is your simple guide to doing so easily and on a budget. If you loved their albums such as Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven along with the other albums they made (and still are making), you will find the guide useful for sounding like them too. Just read on to find out how you do that.


Godspeed makes the slow and very very long songs so you need the right instrument to achieve that. Efrim Menuck is the leader of the Godspeed band and he plays guitar, so to start sounding like them you should first get a guitar. The problem is guitars are very expensive and not very affordable, so that is a major roadblock to your journey to sound like Godspeed and Efrim. Luckily Amazon offers this very nice ADM Full Size Electric Acoustic which is a great tool to start souning like Godspeed. Pick up this guitar, plug it in and start strumming the guitar to achieve sounds similar to Godspeed and Silver Mt. Zion. For under $100 it would be hard to resist.


Godspeed’s albums are quiet in parts, but then get very intense and loud. You will need two amps to achieve the proper Godspeed sounds, one quiet one (that is small) and one very loud, big one.

For a small amp, we reccomend the Roland Cube, a very reliable, sturdy and great sounding battery operated amp. It doesn’t get very loud and it is a little small one, so it’s perfect for doing the quiet parts of Godspeed songs.

For a loud Amp, we reccomend the clasci Marshal JCM 800. A big, loud great amp that has been used by rock legends such as Led Zeppelin, ACDC and J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. (featuring j. mascis). You will use this big beast of a amp to play the loud intense parts of all those Godspeed songs and sound like them that way. This one costs about $2600 and is just the head not the cabinet so you need to buy that too.



A big way to start sounding like Godspeed is to use pedals, which they use many of to achieve their sound. Also remember that there are other weird instruments in the group such as violins and other ones. So instead of finding a violin player, why don’t you get a pedal that makes you sound like a violin such as this Electro-Harmonix Mel-9. It mimicks the sounds of Mellotron, which was a machine that sounded like a violin and other sounds. But now you can plug right into that one and sound just like a violin along with many other very good sounds in the box.


Another thing you need to sound like Godspeed, pedal wise, is a tuner pedal. Because the songs are so long, your guitar will go out of tune over the course of the amount of time the song is. So you need to get the tuner to make sure the guitar is in tune for the next song.

In conclusion

If you get these pieces of gear you will sound just like Godspeed in no time! Sounding like Godspeed is not easy, but it just got alot easier with this guide.