How to Sound like Mike Campbell from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (on a budget)

I wanna be like Mike


Mike Campbell was the rocking lead guitarist of the Tom Petty & The HEartbreakers band. Although he was not Tom Petty, he was still an important part of the band through the rocking guitar sounds that he made. The HEartbreakers is actually a strange name for the band because the way he played sounded good and was not sad or heartbreaking at all. Many people want to know “How Can I Sound like Mike Campbell from the Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Band but on  a budget without spending alot of money on gear?” Well, read this article to find out how you can sound like Mike Campbell without breaking the bank.


Get a Guitar

Mike Played many cool guitars from brands such as Danelectro, however these guitars are far too expensive for the player on a budget. So How can you sound like Mike if you don’t have so much cash to play cool songs such as “I Wont Back Down” and “Don’t Come Around Here No More.” ?

The fact is that while different guitars look different, they all sound the same, so might as well go for something cheap and affordable. Why not try this Black Davison guitar. It’s a very cool looking black guitar that looks like something Mike Campbell would have played to make the rock hits with Tom Petty. And at the low affordable price that this guitar costs how can you resist buying it?


Sleepaway Amp

No great guitar rig is complete without a sick amp to rock your tones. The amp is important because it not only makes the guitar sound loud and not quiet, but also because it can give the guitar a rock kind of sound.

Why not go for this cool Orange amp, which is not only very nice looking but also Orange colored. On Amazon it costs around a little more than $1000 which is not very much when you are serious about  playing the guitar like Mike. It is just top part of amp so you will also need to get the bottom part to make this work. But it is very cool looking and definitely one key to get those Mike tones for playing Tom Petty Heartbreaker songs such as Freefallin’.


Look the Part!

No rocker is complete without a great haircut. Not everyone has the time or stamina to grow out their hair to Mike-length so why not just get a wig on

This Rocker wig has a very Mike Campbell type of look to it so it would be good to use to look (and play like him). It costs a very low price, so why not just get it just in case you don’t have time to grow your hair to Mike length?

In Conclusion

The Tom Petty Heartbreakers were always a great band and sounding like them has always been a very difficult thing to do. However now that you can buy the things from this guide, it’s very easy to sound like Mike and the Heartbreakers band.